How do I Cancel My Inner Circle Membership (and Why do You have a “NO RETURN” policy)?

It’s critical that you understand these two consequences before cancelling Your Membership

You may cancel your inner circle membership at any time by filling out a short form on our website (the link will be provided at the bottom of this article), but before you do, it's important that you understand the following two consequences:

#1 – All benefits are removed immediately.

We cannot schedule a cancellation for some date in the future. As soon as a member submits the cancellation form on our website, all benefits will be removed at the time of the request.

This means removal from the Facebook group, access to the LIVE group coaching calls and recordings will be removed, no more access to the members'-only documents, videos, articles, etc. and no more access to ask Tyson questions in the Facebook group or on the LIVE video group coaching calls.

So if you’re in the middle of a billing cycle and you want to continue having access to these benefits, you may want to wait until 24-48 hours before your next billing date before submitting the form so that you can continue to access the benefits you’ve paid for in your current 30-day cycle.

#2 – We have a “NO RETURN” policy (when you’re out, you’re OUT for good)

This one is pretty simple to understand. Once a member cancels his/her inner circle membership, we will not allow that person to re-join at any time for any reason in the future.

Why do you have such a strict “NO RETURN” policy?

The reasoning behind this no return policy is simple. It allows us to maintain the highest level of integrity with our membership so that continuing members are in a community with like-minded entrepreneurs who are serious about their growth and success.

Allow me to explain …

There are really only two reasons anyone would cancel their membership in this program:

#1 – A member might quit because they simply don’t see the value in this membership.

If that’s the case, there’s no reason this person would ever wish to return anyway so the “no return” policy should be of no consequence to him/her.

#2 – The only other reason a member would cancel their membership is because they’re quitting (giving up) ...

and I simply do not wish to have people with this type of mentality in the inner circle anyway.

Now, you might be saying to yourself: “Tyson! That’s not really fair. There are plenty of legitimate reasons why someone would want to quit today and then come back later”

For example, what if money is currently tight and I need to cut some areas of my budget? Hey, I get it! I remember what it felt like to be tight on cash and forced to make some tough budgeting decisions. But let’s face it, this membership costs less than a daily trip to Starbucks. It costs far less than what most people spend on entertainment, movies, eating out, etc. in a month.

So if someone is choosing to cut their business education over their monthly entertainment (or some other trivial area that will NOT put money back in your pocket), this is not the right person for the inner circle and I do not wish to have that type of energy or mentality in this group.

But, what if I need to leave for a while because I’m overwhelmed with all of the information you’re offering, and I just need to get caught up a bit before continuing this membership and having more information thrown at me.

Again, I can empathize with this feeling of overwhelm, but this is the exact type of person that has no place in the inner circle. People who complain of overwhelm are usually people who aren’t taking action (that’s why they feel overwhelmed) and/or they don’t take the time to organize and prioritize the information so they have a plan of when they’re going to consume (and implement) each piece of information at the appropriate time in their journey.

Let’s face it, success is not an event … it’s a never-ending journey.

This membership is designed for people who understand this undeniable truth. It is for people who understand they will always be learning, they will never have “arrived” and they can always gain value from others in a community like this.

Most importantly, it’s designed for people who take action … who understand that by just implementing one or two things each month, this membership should easily pay for itself and that it’s not an “expense” at all.

On the other hand, this membership is NOT meant to be a revolving door for wishy-washy wanna-be-entrepreneurs to come and go as they please. The people who make these kinds of excuses in an attempt to justify their reasons for quitting aren’t bad people (and I hold no ill-will toward them). They just do not embrace the mindset of the types of people I wish to have as long-term members of this community which is why … when they request a cancellation, they will not be allowed re-entry.

This Membership Should Literally Pay for itself (and then some)!

On top of everything else you get in the inner circle (exclusive members' only training, content, videos, articles, coaching, LIVE calls, etc.) ...

I also unlock a $500 bonus course inside your members' website each and every month that you remain a member (these bonus courses can be found by logging into your members' website and scrolling to the very bottom of this page).

For example, if you're in your 30-day free trial right now, you'll get "The Closing Bundle" when your first payment goes through on day 31.  If you want to turn WAY more of your leads into sales (and if you'd like to see a real ad from one of our members that generated 600 leads in just 60 days), it's all included in "The Closing Bundle which is unlocked right after your 30-day free trial.

That training alone will pay for several years worth of memberships in the inner circle (not just a single month) due to the increase in sales you'll see from implementing that training.

And then I keep giving you these free bonus courses each and every single month thereafter on a variety of topics including video marketing, email marketing, Facebook LIVE broadcasts, webinars, list building, and more.

Here's just one example of a member who's subscription paid for itself 20 times over!

Rae and Brian increased their revenue $20,000 in a single year with the coaching and training resources made available to to them in this membership.

So for someone who takes action ... for someone who doesn't make excuses ... this membership should clearly pay for itself.

But for the person who doesn't see the value of this investment ... if they don't understand that this training is worth exponentially more than what they're paying each month to gain access to it ... if they can't see that this membership easily pays for itself many times overs (or if they don't implement the training), then they are clearly not the right type of person for this group (which is why I don't let them back in once they've left).

For those who are serious about this journey of building a business, I love having you in this group and I'm honored to help you along that journey.

For everyone else who still wishes to cancel their inner circle membership, please submit the cancellation form here and my team will process the request within 24 hours.