Before Submitting Your Work for Review ...

#1 - Your submission must be received at least 24 hours before the LIVE call if you want me to have time to look over it and give you a thorough review (if your review is submitted less than 24 hours before the call, it will probably not get reviewed in the following call)

#2 - Are you Submitting an Ad or a piece of Content for Review?  If so, it is mandatory that you Watch the 4 Videos on this page (and implement those changes) before your ad will be eligible for review.

If you have NOT watched these 4 videos and implemented what I've suggested there first (and yes, I'll be able to tell by looking at your ad), your ad will not get reviewed and you'll be told to re-submit for the next call AFTER watching and implementing these 4 videos.

(FYI - those same 4 videos have also been provided to you in the Facebook group here, and in the Facebook Ads Masterclass Here)

By watching these 4 videos FIRST, it will help us to avoid answering the same questions over and over from one call to the next and to give you a more meaningful review.  The goal of these calls it not to teach you the basics of writing a good ad on the LIVE call (that's already been taught in the these 4 course videos).  We want to take an ad that's already been created and improved by followed the pre-recorded training (and that you've run for at least 3 days) so we can analyze your results and really sky-rocket your results.